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    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening is one of – if not the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer here at Ocean Dental. There are so many ways teeth can become discoloured. Tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, coloured foods…and whitening toothpaste is useful but can only take you so far. For the best chance of showing off gleaming white teeth, a course of teeth whitening is your best bet.

    There are a couple of different ways of whitening teeth. The dentist will recommend something based on the kind of results you want. You might choose a kind of bleaching which is applied to a mouthguard molded from your teeth, or a laser-activated bleaching gel which is painted onto your teeth.

    What is bleaching?

    Bleaching can be done in as little as a single visit. It’s a painless, effective way of staining your natural teeth to become a few shades brighter. This is a perfect way to counteract stains from coloured foods, tea and coffee. Depending on your diet, the results can last up to five years so within just a single session you can improve your confidence dramatically. However, bear in mind that only natural teeth can be bleached. The colour of implants and crowns cannot be changed, so to get an even result throughout the whole mouth veneers may be a better option.

    Can I whiten my teeth at home? 

    Absolutely. We offer a home whitening kit for you to take home and undergo over a course of about two weeks, depending on your desired results. Polanight is an advanced, Ph-neutral tooth whitening system that can whiten your teeth while you sleep.

    Both options are safe with negligible side-effects. Some patients may experience some mild sensitivity to heat and cold during the process, but this will soon wear off.

    It’s important to remember that although whitening is a cosmetic treatment, it is not something you should leave in the hands of a beautician. Not all salons are qualified to use the kinds of equipment that are needed for teeth whitening, but our dentists are all fully trained, fully qualified and Ocean Dental is equipped with the latest in cosmetic dentistry technology.

    It’s a very straightforward and painless process, and the treatment begins with a chat with our dentists to figure out exactly the kind of results you want. There are different shades of whiteness, and the difference in the treatment is generally the time taken to achieve the desired results.

    If you have any questions or want to jump straight into your first appointment, get in touch today. Call our Fallowfield practice on 0161 224 7135 or 0161 660 0200 to speak to our City Centre team and book your first appointment. Alternatively, email us at

    Enlighten Teeth Whitening

    Using Enlighten the results are fantastic and long lasting with really simple maintenance. You don’t even have to stop drinking black coffee or red wine!

    We will take some accurate impressions and make the Enlighten whitening trays for you to wear for two weeks overnight at home. We provide you with the unique Enlighten desensitisers and Tooth Serum to make the whole process as comfortable as possible. Watch the Enlighten videos for details:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

    Under the supervision of our dentist and other clinical staff, teeth whitening is completely safe to carry out. It is readily used by millions and millions of people worldwide.

    How Long Does it Take to get Teeth White?

    Our staff would be more than happy to give you some further indication during a consultation so you know exactly how long it will take. Please call the practice for more information.

    Are There any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

    Side effects are very unlikely, although a small number of people could experience increased sensitivity to heat or cold during the whitening process. However this effect is only temporary and can usually be treated with paracetamol or another sort of pain relief product. Usually, this sensitivity will disappear within 48 hours of the whitening process being carried out.

    How Long Does Whitening Last For?

    The results of whitening can be permanent although the duration of your whitening procedure will depend largely upon you and your oral hygiene. If you practice good oral hygiene and brush on a regular basis, especially after consuming staining foods or beverages, the results could last for years.

    Before and After Teeth Whitening

    • Before:



      What does Tooth Whitening Cost?

      Whitening Consultation FREE- Consultations are with our TCO

      Enlighten Whitening from £595

      Home Whitening kit from £250


    • After:



      Teeth Whitening Testimonials

      “Whitening my teeth gave me so much confidence, I’ve started to smile all the time! The Enlighten system was easy and comfortable, I would recommend it to anyone”.

      Jan 2015

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