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    The emotional damage of tooth loss can be just as bad as the physical damage. There are plenty of replacements, but are they always as effective as they can be? Dentures seem great on the surface but have their fair share of drawbacks. They don’t always fit gums perfectly, they can be tough to maintain and limit the kinds of food you can eat.

    Here at Ocean Dental we also offer an innovative surgery that replaces a whole set of teeth using only four titanium implants. It’s known as All on Four Teeth in a Day and can improve structures with a minimally invasive procedure.

    The science behind it is the different angles at which the implants are fastened, giving them a bracing support.

    A temporary bridge can be fitted in just a single appointment once you have finished your digital scan, so you can start living a life without dentures straight away. After that it’s a case of waiting around three to six months for the jaw to heal completely and the implants to set, in which case the permanent restorations will be fitted.

    With traditional implants, we would normally expect to use between six and ten to get the full effect. But because of the unique angles of All on Four implants, we end up with a much quicker, more comfortable and less invasive treatment.

    The entire process has been designed specifically to minimise discomfort. The dentist will administer a sedative or a local anaesthetic during the treatment to make it as painless and comfortable as possible.

    You might experience some mild discomfort during the couple of days after the procedure, but this is nothing that over the counter painkillers can’t take care of. The recovery time is absolutely minimal, and most patients can get straight back to work the very next day.

    Are you suitable for All-on-4 treatment?

    All On Four is a straightforward process, but how do you know if you can make use from it? The ideal patients for All On Four might:

    • Have badly fitting dentures
    • Currently have failing teeth
    • Struggle with bridges and crowns
    • Be unable to have dental implants due to bone loss
    • Suffer from periodontal gum disease
    • Be limited to eating softer foods
    • Want to reduce bone grafts

    Does any of the above ring true with you? If so, then in just a few quick appointments you can say goodbye to your dentures and say hello to fixed, low maintenance All On Four dental implants.

    Once again, there are plenty of benefits of All On Four compared with traditional implants:

    • Faster procedure
    • No need for bone grafting
    • Cheaper than full arch fixed bridge treatments
    • Faster recovery

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