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    Smile Design with Digital Design

    There’s a lot to be said about confidence and just how much of an impact it can have on your life. Walking into a room with your head held high can have a dramatic effect on both your professional and personal life. It doesn’t matter if you’re entering a boardroom for the biggest meeting of your career, or hoping to a impress that first date. Confidence is everything. And nothing says confidence like a bright, gleaming, ear to ear smile.

    Here at Ocean Dental, we are dedicated to bringing out the best in people’s smiles to give them the confidence they deserve. With wildly varying needs, there’s no one size fits all treatment. Instead our smile makeovers are completely bespoke processes that combine a number of different treatments depending on the patient.

    Our smile makeovers are made up three simple parts: consultation, design, and treatment.

    Step 1: Consultation 

    The consultation is all about the initial exploratory meeting with your dentist. You can chat freely about what it is about your smile that you do not like, your dream smile, and any other concerns. Your dentist will then take measurements, photographs, and examine your teeth thoroughly before giving their own thoughts and suggestions.

    The dentist will then take the photographs and measurements and use them to design a mock-up of what your smile could look like.

    Step 2: Design

    Our dental technicians utilise state-of-the-art technology to collate images and measurements and digitally create your perfect smile. This is all done within the dentist’s software, giving you the opportunity to view, consider, and discuss your potential treatment and your desired results before you begin anything.

    Communication is everything, and if you have any questions or concerns this is your opportunity to work with the dentist to figure out the perfect plan for you. All our smile makeovers are completely custom and personalised to each individual. There’s no template treatment here. Do you want a perfect, gleaming Hollywood smile? No problem. Do you want something a little more natural? That’s fine too. Ask your dentist for advice, and we’ll make sure that when your treatment begins you are 100% happy with what you are getting.

    Step 3: Treatment

    Because everybody’s smile is different, it is impossible to list here what the treatment will consist of. But our smile makeovers usually involve a combination of cosmetic and structural treatments, such as orthodontics, implants, bridges, veneers, and whitening. The length of your treatment completely depends on how much you want done and what was agreed with your dentist, but it could last from anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.

    Either way, the careful planning and the digital design of your smile makeover will ensure there are no surprises along the way. We will work closely with you to create the best possible results and leave you comfortable in the knowledge that your smile is the best and the brightest it can be.

    Take control of your confidence. Take control of your life. Call Ocean Dental on 01616 600200 to book an appointment and begin your smile makeover today.

    The Process of Digital Smile Design

    Step 1: SMILE DESIGN

    In your initial review, your dentist will spend time studying your teeth, and facial shape, lip type and jaw alignment and take your own personal ideas into consideration when proposing your treatment plan and creating a smile that fits your face and, importantly, your personality too.

    We’ll take a full set of photographs and audiovisual footage of how you laugh and smile, as well as x-rays and models.

    After your facial assessment and studying together examples of our work showing shapes, sizes, colours, smiles and bite samples, we’ll create digital mock-ups of your smile, showing you what the final result will be.


    All the information from the smile design is transferred to 3D images (these are virtual models viewed on screen) so that your dental analysis can be studied, allowing a multi-disciplinary team of ceramists, dental technicians and dental specialists to plan your treatments. We make sure this planning matches the smile design, then we’ll create a virtual mock-up of your smile.

    Step 3: CAD / CAM CREATION OF Digital Smile Design MOCKUP

    We send the information from the virtual mock-up to the laboratory, where a 3D model is printed and clear casts are created to make a mock-up that can be placed in your mouth.

    Step 4: PLACEMENT OF Digital Smile Design MOCKUP

    By placing the mock up into your mouth, this allows you to see your “trial smile” in real life, to see just how it would look. At this stage we are able to make any adjustments that may be necessary, using the mock up to guide us through the treatment planning.


    At this stage you are presented with your full treatment plan and a presentation of the work suggested. This includes the initial photographs taken, your smile analysis, your 3D virtual “new” smile, photographs of you wearing your “trial smile” and the different treatments we are suggesting to achieve your perfect smile.


    We create a detailed final 3D treatment plan, taking into consideration all the input from our multi-disciplinary team.


    You’re now ready for the treatment and your journey to a wonderful new smile to begin. Every plan is personalised and might use a combination of Orthodontics, Implantology, Veneers, Bonding Dentistry and Whitening. There may be several appointments during your journey, but using these products in conjunction with the Digital Smile Design planning means the final result will be exactly as we’ve planned together, and you know you’ve got a beautiful new smile to look forward to.

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