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    Digital Smile Design

    Dental treatments at Ocean Dental combine the expertise of our dedicated staff with state of the art technology at the very forefront of the industry. One of the most impactful ways we use technology is at the beginning of every treatment, where we kick things off with digital smile design.

    What is digital smile design?

    We want to make sure that every one of our patients completely understands how their treatments will play out and what to expect. We also need our dentists to be absolutely clear on the patient’s desired results – it’s a two-way street. So before we even begin working on anything we map out your mouth using photos, x-rays and 3D imagery.

    This lets us create a simulated digital image of what the outcome of the treatment will be. It lets us compare before and after videos to put everyone on the same page before we begin any treatment at all.

    It isn’t often that you get to see exactly what the outcome will be of any given treatment. This is your window into the future.

    How does digital smile design work? 

    Digital smile design involves creating a digital clone of the patient from photos, x-rays and 3D images. We create a video from this information – a simulation of the patient that lets us digitally manipulate and see what the outcome of any given treatment will be.

    It is remarkable technology that has leaped forwards in recent years, and completely changed the way we communicate with patients. It ensures that absolutely nothing is unexpected, and it gives patients the chance to amend things before they begin. Dentists can make recommendations, and the whole process is very much a conversation. When we begin the treatment, there will be no surprises, and everybody knows exactly what the results will be.

    Why is digital smile design important?

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for everybody. But why stop there? With these advancements in technology there is no reason not to craft the perfect smile you have been looking for. Don’t just settle for acceptable – strive for the best. Digital smile design gives you the opportunity to create the smile of your dreams.

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