Why use Dental Implants to replace your denture?

Whether you have a single missing tooth or wear a full denture, the psychological effects can impact your life massively. At Ocean dental we help people on a daily basis who suffer in their day-to-day life from the effects of missing teeth. Many people explain how having missing teeth effects their social activities. They are hindered by fear of eating in public, worried that their denture may fall out when speaking to people or that they can’t enjoy personal connections with people anymore due to the lack of confidence.

Many people rely heavily on denture adhesive, however they complain they have to carry it around daily and that when eating they can taste it. Unfortunately when dentures loosen and become ill fitting they can cause irritation, pressure sores and feel general unstable. This is why more and more people are turning to dental implants as a fixed permanent solution so they can start enjoying their everyday life with no worries!

Why choose dental implants as a solution?

Dental implants are titanium mix screws that are placed into the remaining supportive jawbone. They act as a new root for a specially made denture to be attached to. We plan every case with absolute precision with the latest technology and work as a team to make sure the fit is perfect for you. We can offer fixed and removable solutions and because they are utterly stable you can be confident that they will not move. You can enjoy tougher foods, order that steak and bite into that apple absolutely carefree!

Replacing one or more missing teeth

Dental implants can be used for full denture wearers but also for people with one or more missing teeth.

Leaving missing teeth untreated results in an unattractive smile, loss of chewing ability and accelerated bone loss. The traditional way to solve this would be what’s commonly known ‘a bridge’. However when applying a bridge, the dentist needs to grind down healthy teeth, bone loss continues and there is a greater risk of cavities. With dental implants, you gain full chewing ability, preserve healthy teeth and stop bone loss.

Life’s too short!

We are always so pleased to see our patient’s reaction when they have dental implant treatment; they are amazed at how much it really does improve their quality of life. We want to help you feel care free with friends, family and in public. Whether it’s talking in business meetings, being confident chatting with friend or just enjoying a kiss – don’t let missing teeth or dentures hold you back.

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