Smile Design with Digital Design

A new smile can make you look years younger and can give you a real, long lasting, confidence boost. Ocean Dental are delighted to be able to offer the cutting-edge process of Digital Smile Design. This allows you to choose your smile and see the proposed solution and results, before any work commences. We use computer imaging to create beautiful, natural looking smiles that are uniquely designed for you. Subsequently, a sequence of appointments will deliver the result we promised and that you chose.

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The Process of Digital Smile Design


In your initial review, your dentist will spend time studying your teeth, and facial shape, lip type and jaw alignment and take your own personal ideas into consideration when proposing your treatment plan and creating a smile that fits your face and, importantly, your personality too.

We’ll take a full set of photographs and audiovisual footage of how you laugh and smile, as well as x-rays and models.

After your facial assessment and studying together examples of our work showing shapes, sizes, colours, smiles and bite samples, we’ll create digital mock-ups of your smile, showing you what the final result will be.


All the information from the smile design is transferred to 3D images (these are virtual models viewed on screen) so that your dental analysis can be studied, allowing a multi-disciplinary team of ceramists, dental technicians and dental specialists to plan your treatments. We make sure this planning matches the smile design, then we’ll create a virtual mock-up of your smile.

Step 3: CAD / CAM CREATEION OF Digital Smile Design MOCK UP

We send the information from the virtual mock-up to the laboratory, where a 3D model is printed and clear casts are created to make a mock-up that can be placed in your mouth.

Step 4: PLACEMENT OF Digital Smile Design MOCKUP

By placing the mock up into your mouth, this allows you to see your “trial smile” in real life, to see just how it would look. At this stage we are able to make any adjustments that may be necessary, using the mock up to guide us through the treatment planning.


At this stage you are presented with your full treatment plan and a presentation of the work suggested. This includes the initial photographs taken, your smile analysis, your 3D virtual “new” smile, photographs of you wearing your “trial smile” and the different treatments we are suggesting to achieve your perfect smile.


We create a detailed final 3D treatment plan, taking into consideration all the input from our multi-disciplinary team.


You’re now ready for the treatment and your journey to a wonderful new smile to begin. Every plan is personalised and might use a combination of Orthodontics, Implantology, Veneers, Bonding Dentistry and Whitening. There may be several appointments during your journey, but using these products in conjunction with the Digital Smile Design planning means the final result will be exactly as we’ve planned together, and you know you’ve got a beautiful new smile to look forward to.

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