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Ocean Dental - Orthodontics throughout Manchester

Orthodontics is an expert area within dentistry that focuses directly on the alignment and positioning of your teeth.

Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry which focuses on the positioning and alignment of the teeth. At Ocean Dental, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments across Manchester. This form of treatment can help with many dental problems, including crooked or crowded teeth, missing teeth, misaligned teeth, jaw misalignment and overbite.

Orthodontic treatment is mainly delivered through the application of braces. Braces can often be associated with unpleasant and bulky metal brackets however we used the latest techniques and offer a wide range of clear and ceramic braces which are more aesthetically pleasing. Braces can actually assist with many dental problems amongst people of all ages. They work by applying a gentle pressure to the teeth so they are forced to naturally adopt a different alignment in order to continue to grow.

We are able to complete any orthodontic work

Orthodontic SpecialistsAt Ocean Dental, our expert orthodontists are fully trained and quality to provide you with comprehensive orthodontic treatments to help correct or improve the alignment of your teeth and jaw.

At Ocean Dental, our expert orthodontists are fully trained and qualified to provide you with comprehensive orthodontic treatments to help correct or improve the alignment of your teeth and jaw. We understand that some people find wearing braces embarrassing, but we offer a range of subtle braces to suit all tastes, including the innovative Invisalign system, which is virtually invisible. We also offer lingual braces, which are placed on the back of the teeth, so that they canít be seen from the front of the mouth. Also, if youíre concerned about the longevity of the treatment, we offer a six month brace system; completing the work in just six months, as opposed to the usual two to three years.

Whatever your concerns, we'll work with you to find a solution which can improve your smile in the long term, without making you feel more self-conscious in the short term.

If you think you could benefit from orthodontics in Manchester, donít hesitate to get in touch with Ocean Dental. Our orthodontists will be happy to talk you through the entire process, answering any questions and alleviating any concerns you may have. You can contact a member of our friendly team on 0161 871 1110.

Just What Causes Malocclusion or a Bad Bite? And What Exactly are They?

Functional dilemmas such as finding the easiest tasks hard to carry out such as talking or chewing your food can be caused by a misalignment of jaws, teeth or the tempromandibular joint (TMJ), also known as a bad bite. In the most serious cases it can actually affect the appearance of a person. Sometimes this is a genetic problem, but at other times it can be caused by any of the following occurrences:


Possible improper line up with the jaw can be caused by knocked out or fractured teeth which are then being replaced and fusing with the bone that surrounds your teeth.

Drawn out thumb-sucking

Pronounced protrusion is what can result in the upper teeth over the lower teeth.

Thrusting the tongue while swallowing

Pronounced protrusion of upper over lower teeth can also occur as a result of this.

Losing baby teeth prematurely

This Can result after an adult tooth erupting inaccurately, causing your teeth to only be partially erupt and/or the teeth can become crowded. The eruption of the permanent tooth can be prevented as the teeth next to the primary tooth can move into this empty space which then doesn’t allow for the permanent tooth underneath to erupt.

Orthodontic Treatment is Vital, but Why?

There are Long-Term Dental Health Advantages:

With decent oral hygiene, it can be much simpler to maintain correctly aligned teeth.

The risk of developing any irregularities such as tooth decay is largely reduced.

Develops Digestion and Chewing:

In major cases, people that suffer from a bad bite chew less efficiently which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

It Can Actually Improve Speech:

Some speaking problems can result from misaligned lower or upper teeth.

The Prevention of Premature Wearing of the Back-Tooth Surfaces:

When you are biting, your teeth endure an enormous amount of force. Due to this, people who have irregular bites are a lot more likely to wear out their back teeth surface.

How Old Does Someone Have To Be To Begin Orthodontic Treatment and Screening?

There can be certain complexities and differences in the speed of the treatment depending entirely on the age of the patient, but orthodontic treatment and screening can begin at pretty much any point in an individual’s life.

Early childhood

Orthodontic screening can start as soon as the permanent teeth have started to emerge, this is usually around the age of 7. This is the perfect time for orthodontic treatment to begin as it is easy to spot where future errors are likely to occur, so they can be fixed before any serious problem begins. It is important that you do not wait until the permanent teeth are erupt as it is a huge advantage to start the treatment earlier.

During Teenage and Adolescent Years

Treatment is most effective at this stage as most of your permanent teeth would have come through by now and there is still time for them to grow some more, so by applying the orthodontic treatment by this time they can grown in the correct way.

At Adulthood

On a lot of occasions, orthodontic treatments can be much more complex in adults and it generally will take a lot longer for you to get the desired result.

Orthodontic Treatment and What it Involves

There are two main stages that orthodontic treatment is usually carried out with:

The active phase

This is the initial phase that is carried out which sets the teeth going in the right motion with the use of alignment and bite correction appliances such as braces.

The retention phase

To ensure that the effects of the active phase are long term and make sure that the teeth do not go back to how they were, a retainer is used to hold the teeth that have been brought into their new position.

The Invisalign System, or the Invisible Brace?

The Invisalign system which is offered to patients by a lot of orthodontists up and down the country, is basically a set of customised virtually invisible braces which are moulded on to the teeth to aid them in repositioning as time goes by. There are a large amount of advantages to the Invisalign system, one of which is the ease of removal for purposes such as eating and cleaning your teeth or the brace itself. Another advantage of theses invisible braces is that because of how clear they are, not many people will realise you have a brace in. Lingual Braces are another popular and effective form of invisible braces. Even though these are made from wires and metal brackets, they are placed at the back of the teeth so just like Invisalign brace they cannot be seen.

The Simple Alternative – Inman Aligners

For treatments in which you only require the front teeth to be repositioned, Inman Aligners treatment is a excellent alternative to Invisalign treatment. This kind of treatment however, isn’t always best for everyone so it is always advised that anyone who is seeking this treatment should go seek the advice of a professional orthodontist first, before any work is carried out. Although in a lot of cases, this treatment can provide fantastic results of full movement within 6-8 weeks.

Six-Month Smiles

The six-month braces system works  much faster than any alternative systems and as the name of this treatment suggests you can achieves results within 6 months which is fast when compared to the usually duration of two to three years.

Low-Friction Damon Braces

Due to the advances in Orthodontic technology, it is now possible to provide our patients with a much more comfortable and faster alternative to the conventional fixed braces with friction free braces such as the Damon braces system.

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