How to get a Wedding Day Smile to remember

Now we all know that within minutes of the proposal, most fiancés are already drafting a wedding checklist in their head to ensure the day is picture perfect!
One thing is for certain, your wedding day will be the one day of your life that you will be dazzling everyone one with your smile – all day. Naturally you want to make sure your smile is in top condition as it’s bound to be your most important wedding accessory.

Uneven, chipped or discoloured teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious, but have you left enough time to sort the problems before the big day? According to, the real weddings study show that the average length of a wedding engagement is 14.5 months, which means that if you’re unhappy with your smile and are worried about all the photos that will be taken on the day, then there is ample time to make some changes. Below is a list of treatments, their treatment times range from 1 year to 1 week, ensuring the team at Ocean dental can help you smile with complete confidence.

Chipped, gaps or fractured teeth?

Aesthetic bonding is an easy and affordable way to restore your smile if you have chipped or broken teeth. It can also be used to close gaps and is more affordable than veneers or crowns. A tooth coloured resin is bonded to your natural tooth using a high intensity curing light. This is then shaped and polished to match the appearance of the surrounding teeth restoring your smile. The procedure is pain free and can be done in one visit to the practice; a very popular choice and we offer a free consultation to see how we would be able to help you.

Uneven or misaligned teeth?

We have a range of different solutions for a misaligned smile, not just traditional fixed braces. The complexity of your case would determine how long the treatment would take, so if crooked teeth is your issue, book in for a consultation asap.

Invisalign clear braces are a very popular choice with adults who don’t want to wear traditional fixed braces. They are removable and virtually undetectable as they are clear. These are best used for mild cases and treatment can take between 2-18months.

Incognito braces are fixed braces but hidden on the inside on your teeth. They treat any condition; the treatment time is shorter than traditional braces and you cant see them when you smile so even if they were not removed for the big day, it wouldn’t matter!

We are a provider for 6 month smiles. Custom made for you in the six month smile laboratory; they are perfect for people with minor orthodontic problems. These braces are tooth coloured and therefore very discreet, they work quickly and perfect for the preparation of a special occasion.


Whitening is the most popular choice for enhancing your smile quickly and safely. Studies show that there are now one out of four brides and one out of five grooms that now plan to have whitening before their big day.

After a consultation, we can take impressions of your teeth to make whitening trays for you to wear at home for up to two weeks. We use enlighten and the results are dazzling!


If cosmetic dentistry is not for you or you’ve left it too late, booking in for an appointment with one of our hygienists would be the perfect solution. An affordable option with so many benefits, not only are you preventing gum disease, but also scaling and polishing your teeth for a sparkling smile and freshening your breath.

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